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Ahead of 2022’s Piet Mondrian exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler, exciting discoveries are to be made. Durch den Einbezug einer Vielzahl von Perspektiven – menschlichen ebenso wie nicht-menschlichen – lädt Eliassons Kunst dazu ein, zukünftige Formen der Koexistenz zu erarbeiten. Il reste juste aux Fondation Beyeler Shop Wir sind online weiterhin für Sie da Exklusiv Edward Hopper Schneidebrett CHF 9.80 In den Warenkorb Vase Helena Tapajnova CHF 365.– In den Warenkorb Elizabeth Peyton. During the current temporary closure, we have made one of our greatest artworks accessible online: the museum itself. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker confronts her choreographic intervention Dark Red with Auguste Rodin’s and Hans Arp's sculptural universes. Looking at the artist’s work, the bestselling author shares all that finds itself reflected in «You are the Weather» for those familiar with Iceland. The Fondation Beyeler's main goal is to bring art and spectator together. Co-hosted with our partner Rolls Royce Muse. The Beyeler Foundation or Fondation Beyeler with its museum in Riehen, near Basel (Switzerland), owns and oversees the art collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler, which features modern and tribal art. … Plus Date de l'expérience : juillet 2020 1 vote utile Utile Partager Pivoinejaponais a écrit un avis (juil. Mai 2020 zu sehen. The Fondation Beyeler in new dimensions - Download the app now for free in the Apple App Store and discover hidden features of the collection works in the park. aroeder2019 wrote a review Oct 2020 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany 12 contributions 3 helpful votes Tolles Museum The Fondation Beyeler is truly one of the best museums for contemporary art that I have seen so far. Die Fondation Beyeler widmet dem Spanier im Sommer 2020 eine der bisher bedeutendsten Ausstellungen außerhalb Spaniens. Through our guided tours and workshops, we do not only share knowledge about artists, works and epochs, we create above all a space in which to deepen observations and exchange different views, perceptions, thoughts and feelings. The Beyeler Foundation museum includes a space for special exhibitions staged to complement the permanent collection. It stands in a refrigerator with a glass door, allowing it to exist throughout the year. If you don't have an Apple device, you can borrow an iPad from the cloakroom. Jahrhunderts auf das einflussreiche Werk eines Protagonisten der abstrakten Skulptur des 20. Die Fondation Beyeler in Riehen BS hat trotz zeitweiligen Schliessungen und Einlassbeschränkungen im Corona-Jahr 2020 fast 292'000 Besucherinnen und Besucher verzeichnen können. In the digital Talk with Elena Filipovic, director of Kunsthalle Basel, the renowned choreographer and founder of Rosas Dance Company will provide fascinating insights into her work, performing in a museum and the narrative power of the human body. Fondation Beyeler bis voraussichtlich 28. Publikumsmagnet war die Ausstellung mit Werken Edward Hoppers. The sculpture shows the friendly and familiar figure of a snowman, consisting of three stacked snowballs, the top and smallest one displaying two holes for eyes and a dash for a mouth. Februar 2021 temporär geschlossen. Sam Keller, Director of the Fondation Beyeler, sheds light on the many questions «Snowman» raises about our encounters with art, nature or ourselves. Our goal is to let stories and therefore connections develop between the artwork and the viewer and it's especially important to the Fondation Beyeler that children and young people also be able to find their very own stories and connections. The Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, Switzerland, has welcomed discerning visitors since 1997 and its doors are now fully open once more as a sign of renewal and optimism. Take a tour of the exhibition with its curator Raphaël Bouvier. Eliasson’s art invites viewers to explore future forms of coexistence by welcoming multiple perspectives – human and non-human alike. Publikumsmagnet war die Ausstellung mit Werken Edward Hoppers. Find out hidden details from our conservation studio. For his solo show at Fondation Beyeler, the artist immerses the institution in a border-crossing investigation of our preconceptions of nature and culture. Jan 30, 2021 - The Fondation Beyeler is a museum of modern and contemporary art open 365 days a year. If you are interested in the Fondation Beyeler and its various exhibitions and events, we would be happy to keep you informed via newsletters and social media. Curator Theodora Vischer discusses the 100 portraits of a young woman, in which the viewer time and again encounters the same face in the water of an Icelandic thermal spring. Die Fondation Beyeler in Riehen hat trotz zeitweiligen Schliessungen im Corona-Jahr 2020 fast 292’000 Besucherinnen und Besucher verzeichnen können. Encore une belle exposition à la Fondation Beyeler. Als das meistbesuchte Kunstmuseum der Schweiz verzeichnete die Fondation Beyeler 2020 trotz Corona-Krise mehr als 290.000 Besucher. Online panel discussion with Julia Stoschek, Han Nefkens and Daniel Birnbaum! It is considered one of the world's most beautiful museums. The groundbreaking work of the great innovator of late 19th century sculpture meets the influential work of a protagonist of 20th century abstract sculpture. Im Mittelpunkt stehen das persönliche Erlebnis und die sinnliche Erfahrung des Besuchers in der Begegnung mit Kunst und Natur. For the first time in a museum exhibition, Auguste Rodin's and Hans Arp's enter into dialogue. “I try to create buildings that will be loved.” Peter Zumthor. Les expositions «Edward Hopper» et «Voir le silence – Images de quiétude» sont prolongées jusqu’au 26 juillet, l’exposition «Goya» est reportée. Well obviously, it starts wondering about art! With around 110 works from international museums and private collections, "Rodin/Arp" is one of the Fondation Beyeler’s most extensive sculpture exhibitions ever. Erstmals in einer Museumsausstellung trifft im Dialog zwischen Auguste Rodin und Hans Arp das bahnbrechende Schaffen des grossen Erneuerers der Bildhauerei des späten 19. Please note: Until February 28, 2021 the Fondation Beyeler will be closed due to federal regulations to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Impressum Datenschutzerklärung I © Fondation Beyeler 2021. Current Opening Times Please note: Until February 28, 2021 the Fondation Beyeler will be closed due to federal regulations to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Auguste Rodin /Hans Arp dialogue imaginé à la Fondation Beyeler du 13 décembre 2020 – 16 mai 2021 Exposition Rodin Arp Fondation Beyeler Le Baiser Rodin Fondation Gianadda Martigny ©VB Il a sculpté… The Fondation Beyeler is one of the most beautiful … aroeder2019 wrote a review Oct 2020 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany 12 contributions 3 helpful votes Tolles Museum The Fondation Beyeler is truly one of the best museums for contemporary art that I have seen so far. A nutty enjoyment for all children aged 5 to 10 and an appetiser for the holiday season. Quelques oeuvres essentielles de Hopper d'autres moins mais toujours avec cette vibration particulière des paysages que l'on sent respirer. La stessa situazione, ma con numeri differenti, ha contraddistinto anche la Fondation Beyeler di Basilea, che ha recentemente stilato il bilancio del suo 2020: nonostante il … Our online shop is still available: With artistic puzzles to pass the time, high-quality art prints to adorn your walls or various books for your reading corner - let the art come to you. Fondation Beyeler Museumsgebäude Ansicht vom Park (2014) Daten Ort Baselstrasse 77 4125 Riehen/BSSchweiz Koordinaten: 47 35′ 17,3″ N, 7 39′ 3,8″ O; CH1903: 615980 / 270849 Die Fondation Beyeler ist ein Schweizer Kunstmuseum und … Jahrhunderts. The first ever art.set features electronic music greats Frank Wiedemann and Mathew Jonson who perform an exclusive b2b session from the rooms of the Fondation Beyeler. Die Fondation Beyeler widmet Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) eine der bisher bedeutendsten Ausstellungen ausserhalb Spaniens. Via the “Nintendo Switch” game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” players can now wander the picturesque grounds on the outskirts of Basel in Riehen digitally, admire legendary classics of the Beyeler Collection and discover the hidden treasure of the Art Museum. Für seine Einzelausstellung an der Fondation Beyeler verwandelt der Künstler das Museum für eine immersive und grenzüberschreitende Erkundung unserer Vorstellungen von Natur und Kultur. Die Fondation Beyeler widmet Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) eine der bisher bedeutendsten Ausstellungen ausserhalb Spaniens. A large survey of the Dutch Modernist's work is planned for the Fondation Beyeler in 2022. 13 dic 2020 — 16 mag 2021 at the Fondation Beyeler a Riehen, Svizzera Hans Arp, Nudo floreale, 1957 Marmo, 94 x 22 x 23 cm. Personnellement j'aime beaucoup. POSTPONED – With reference to the exhibition «Rodin / Arp», celebrated choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, one of the most influential figures of contemporary dance, will present a new performance. More information. 31,080 were here. Die Ausstellung "Edward Hopper" in der Fondation Beyeler ist bis zum 17. Goya ist einer der letzten grossen Hofkünstler und der erste Wegbereiter der modernen Kunst. The Fondation Beyeler is presenting one of the most important exhibitions ever devoted to Francisco de Goya outside of Spain. Die Ausstellung zeigt Werke von Künstlerinnen, deren Schaffen herausragende Positionen innerhalb der Geschichte der Moderne seit 1870 bis heute darstellen.Â. Goya ist einer der letzten grossen Hofkünstler und der erste Wegbereiter der modernen Suite à la décision du Conseil fédéral Fondation Beyeler temporairement fermée jusqu'au 28 février 2021 AFFICHER PLUS « Rodin/Arp » 13.12.2020 – 16.5.2021 The backdrop of iconic works from the Beyeler Collection includes paintings by Tacita Dean or Claude Monet. La Fondation Beyeler a rouvert ses portes le lundi 11 mai 2020. Pac Pobric , October 13, 2020 Conservators at the Fondation Beyeler at work on paintings by Piet Mondrian. La collection permanente de la Fondation Beyeler est un must également. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 9 P.M. – The Fondation Beyeler has teamed up with electronic music institution Nordstern Basel as well as cultural institution Arte to create an exceptional electronic music set. Legal Notice Data Privacy Policy I © Fondation Beyeler 2021, Fondation Beyeler temporarily closed until February 28, 2021. Like the lion that throws itself hungrily at the antelope in Henri Rousseau's paintings, we at the Fondation Beyeler also feel a powerful hunger - and a hunger for art: What happens when a small squirrel meets a hungry lion in the museum? Die Fondation Beyeler ist ein Museum für moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst. Fondation Beyeler 2020 As part of their spring exhibition Edward Hopper , which focuses on the iconic representations of the infinite expanse of American landscapes and cityscapes of one of the 20th century’s most important American painters, the Fondation Beyeler in Basel presents Wim Wenders‘ new 3D film installation TWO OR THREE THINGS I KNOW ABOUT EDWARD … The exhibition shows works by women artists occupying prominent positions within the history of modern art from 1870 to the present day. Selten gezeigte Gemälde aus spanischen Privatsammlungen werden in der Fondation Beyeler erstmals mit Schlüsselwerken aus renommierten europäischen und amerikanischen Museen wie auch Privatsammlungen vereint … Goya was one of the last major court artists and the first pioneer of modern art. Nell’estate del 2020 il consiglio di fondazione della Beyeler Stiftung ha deciso, malgrado la pandemia, di dare il via libera alla domanda di costruzione per il progetto di ampliamento intrapreso con Atelier Peter Zumthor. Sie

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